Our Team

The Unicus Advantage - A reliable team

A professional team that gets the work done

With quality personnel, specialised training, state-of-the-art technology, and a fierce commitment to customer service, our cleaners deliver a product that sets Unicus apart from our competition.

At Unicus our employees are the most important assets we have. We take pride in our Waikato and BOP teams. We make certain that only properly trained Unicus personnel are involved in any works on our clients’ site.

Our front line teams are trained in their respective areas of cleaning technology, health and safety, communication, and environmental management.

We work hard every day to support them in being the very best they can be so that they can perform at the highest level for our clients. The resultant low staff turnover rate allows us to supply our clients with the highest overall level of service.

Honestly, Integrity and Trust

Our personnel have to meet professional requirements and undergo comprehensive training prior to undertaking their work assignments. Additional on-the-job training is also carried out to produce enhanced performance and the ability to provide quality services to our client through highly skilled, trained and experienced personnel. You can relax while our team of cleaners in Waikato and BOP get to work.

Our Approach To Excellence

Progressive training programs and workshops ensure our staff's ability to respond fluidly to the ever-evolving needs of our customers. Our cleaners' commitment to cutting-edge technology means efficient client operations and guarantee our clients a partner they can depend on.